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The World

The world of Midday is close to our everyday world in a way of magical realism. The year is 2023, there are the same challenges of politics, environment and war. People fall in love, are happy, get sad. They go to school, travel on holidays, have children, win lotteries, get their appendixes operated.
But one thing is different: supernatural is natural. One person out of ten may have mystical abilities; strong magicians are about as rare as trained brain surgeons. Humans are the norm, but many other beings exist beside them: elves, mermaids, spirits, clairvoyants, trolls and demons. On some neighborhoods one in three may be a critter
[pejorative] - a shape changer or a nymph.
Generally you don’t see that much magic. Wielding strong spells takes significant energy, and the learning takes years. There are great circus shows, and every hospital has specialist healer mages; occult subjects are taught in universities. Still, there has been a slow movement away from the occult, as mechanical sciences are cheaper and easier to mass produce. Many witches and arcane artificers have moved to far-off places, to live their lives distant from human quarrels.
The Trivial Pursuit has an occult category, of course.


The Film

The Demon of Midday is a fantasy adventure centered on protagonist Fern's quest to find help for the demonic possession that is both destroying her personality and pushing her loved ones away. Fern's biggest fear is not dying, but that she will no longer be accepted by her boyfriend Bear or her friends. Midday is an allegory of a mental illness; on storytelling level everything 'real' happens in a fantasy world populated by shape changers, elves, evil spirits, and witches. The fairytale characters represent aspects of the actual world, like Fern's depression personalizing as the Demon and the notorious East European  folklore witch Baba Yaga acting as a somewhat unwilling psychotherapist - which symbolizes the scarcity of professional help in our own world. Thus Midday is also a sociopolitical commentary.

Old shamanistic cultures believed illnesses were caused by malevolent spirits. The patients would lose small pieces of their souls to wraiths, their functionality diminishing in tandem. A shaman could reach out to the phantom world in a dream state and fight the spirits, reclaiming back the sick soul. This sounds intriguingly like psychotherapy, and this antropologistic view of maladies was the framework of the story. Midday hopes to make a small, personal struggle interesting by distancing it to the mythical and heroic.

We also hope this way the psychological story is more attractive to the younger audiences, who might not want to watch a therapy show - but still need to see how a depressed person could be a hero.


Themes - the director's words

The theme of Midday is very personal, as I have experienced - and recovered from - a serious depression. I was lucky to have loving support and to find a very good therapist. With this film, I want to tell it’s possible to beat your illness and achieve your dreams, even if it just now feels unthinkable.
A filmmaker has both the possibility and the obligation to influence societal matters. Not with lecturing about morals, but by making compelling stories with a message - something Steven Spielberg excels in. This way, a large group of people will hear the message and connect with it through the characters.
A depressed person is not a loser. Fighting the illness requires an immense amount of strength, and finding help is as big a task as studying for a degree or founding a company. In Midday, the mental challenges are externalized into fantasy imagery and inner fights turn into physical brawls, because that’s how it feels.

Dark fantasy is a natural genre to cover depression, as quests, monsters, despair and deadly fights are the core of the illness. Also, fantasy may help to reach wider audiences than a more realistic drama.
Creating an immersive story that audiences love is of course a primary goal, and winning a festival prize would feel good. But I really hope Midday could create discussion about the unreachability of treatment and the still-strong taboo of mental illnesses. Maybe the world gets better by watching a horror fantasy story.

- Fýr


How to see Midday?

During 2024 The Demon of Midday is hopefully touring a lot of film festivals internationally. We will publish viewing places and dates on Midday's social media as soon as we know of them. Please follow us!

In 2025, Midday will be available on streaming viewing on
Bright Fame Channel.

If you wish to invite us for a film festival or are interested in arranging a screening,
contact Bright Fame Pictures.

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Genre: Fantasy/drama   Running Time: 34:06  Language: English
Screening Formats: 4K/2K Stereo h.264/DCP  Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1


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