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Short Fiction, 34 min.

The Demon of Midday


My most recent film is called The Demon of Midday. It is a fantasy film, an allegory of depression and psychotherapy depicted through fairytale imagery.

Midday was published on January 2024 and will hopefully tour many film festivals through the year. Read more details on

The Demon of Midday website




2024, 6 min.

Here is my current showreel, with excerpts from half a dozen short films from the last few years. Enjoy watching!

An update is in the works, and will be visible here in early summer 2024.

Film bar Short films

Short Films

Amme (Bath) teaser

Watch full film

Short Fiction, 11 min.

Film poster photo Amme

Girls Don´t Cry

Short Fiction, 13 min.

Film poster photo Girls Don´t Cry
Film poster photo Triad


Short Fiction, 8 min.

As a new filmmaker, I have yet done only short films, but with quite high production values. If you need an open minded and budget oriented director for your episode or even a feature, please let me know. :)

Amme and Girls Don´t Cry are both dark near-future dystopian fictions. Amme is a Finnish indie, Girls is a FAMU production.

Triad and Ekopon are older student films, from two different schools, both about relation-ships between people - maybe not the most conventional ones.

In total I have shot half a dozen real short films and a several student films, both on film and digital. So fary my films have been shown on festivals in Finland, Greece and the Czech Republic.

My newest in short film, The Demon of Midday, was published in January 2024. It is also be my graduation work for the FAMU film school.

Film strip of images from Fýr Romu´s short films


Short Fiction, 12 min.

Film poster photo Ekopon


The Logs of Captains

and Other Seafarers

Documentary, 30 min.

Film poster photo The Logs of Captains documentary
Film poster photo Lanzhou Families documentary

Lanzhou Families

Short Fiction, 16 min.

I have interest in documentary filmmaking. Here are a couple of docs I have both shot and directed myself.

The Logs of Captains tells about a sea voyage on the historical East Indiaman sailing ship Götheborg. Lanzhou Families is about three socially different families in a typical Chinese city.

Some day I´d like to do more doc work, especially nature documentary. Maybe underwater, as I like to scuba dive.


Short Film Club

Grand Acting Studio

#3 - Murder, She Called

6 min, produced in one day


For two year, we have ran a film club in Prague with my FAMU collegue Vasco Viana. Ironically named Grand Acting Studio (GAS), the club was a free-for-everyone event to rehearse and shoot a short film in one weekend. One-day films may not win festivals, but they give great freedom for trying out wild ideas.

Grand Acting Studio on Facebook

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