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Collection of photos Fýr in theatre costumes


I´m a Finnish filmmaker currently based at Turku, South Finland. I graduated in 2022 as MoA from FAMU International, the famous Czech film school in Prague.

I have a Bachelor's degree in film studies from the Turku
Art Academy, and have graduated as Master Artisan with production design specialization from the Raseko Arts & Crafts college. In addition to film degrees, I have worked as a Special Effects technician for several years, having a pyrotechnician´s license.

I have a background in amateur theatre, writing, directing and production designing shows from comedy to fantasy. I love stories and creating imaginary worlds. I´m interested in many kinds of arts, from acting to sculpting. I read a lot, enjoy various sports like circus, martial arts and swimming. I like travelling, scuba diving in warm waters and sailing historical ships to unknown ports.

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