Photo of large fire ball, a special effect
Closeup photo of an iron musical instrument
Photo of a historical weapon, a chinese repeating crossbow

Other Art

​​Finding my "own" art in film took a long time. Searching for my medium, I learned to work silver, iron and wood and now have a Master Artisan degree, with a specialization as Propsmaster. I got a pyrotechnician' s license for theatre and then worked in the fireworks industry for many years, acquiring even one patent for special effects technology.

Having additional "crew skills" helps a director immensely: estimating build times for sets or danger zones for special effects is smooth, and the experience help appraising cost estimations from contract companies. Finally the skills help in building a mutual respect relationship with the crew: having worked on many of the jobs helps everyone know I speak from experience.

There is an important relaxation aspect too. Nowdays I can work metal and wood as meditation, letting my mind rest from the intensely mental-only always-on-computer film planning work.