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Photo of large fire ball, a special effect
Closeup photo of an iron musical instrument
Photo of a historical weapon, a chinese repeating crossbow

Other Art

​​Finding my "own" art in film took a long time. Searching for my medium, I learned to work silver, iron and wood and now have a Master Artisan degree, with a specialization as Propsmaster. I got a pyrotechnician' s license for theatre and then worked in the fireworks industry for several years, acquiring even one patent for special effects technology.

Having additional "crew skills" helps a director immensely: estimating build times or danger zones for effects is a big advantage, and the experience helps to see if contract companies offer good deals. It also helps with building respectfull relationships with the team and makes communications easier and faster.

There is an important relaxation aspect too. Working with metal and wood lets my mind rest from the intense mental mostly-on-computer film production work.

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