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A large historical sailing ship
Man in a historical military uniform reading a book by desk
Soldiers in 18th Century uniforms running with rifles near sea


Directing is my passion. Inventing worlds and seeing them to come almost real, with thinking and feeling people with life;  helping actors in giving birth to persons, crafting details with a creative team – it's so wonderful. A hundred talented adults playing like delighted children.
I have directed short films, documentaries and ads; my scripts have been filmed by others. As a director I care for my crew, minding work times and meals; I stay on budget and finish in time. I´m used to working with multinational teams and I
speak and write fluent English. Technically I have experience in SFX, GCI and VFX, 3D previz, virtual sets, high speed and underwater camerawork.

I´m often drawn to magical realism as a genre, as it contains an almost-mundane world, but it´s still free of any storytelling limitation. Genres bordering on fantasy also make it possible to include societal and ethical aspects in a distanced form.

Someday I hope to make my own feature films and tv series, with smart stories and strong characters of any race or gender, with open, possible happy endings.

Film strip of a man playing an instrument
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