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The Story

The world of Midday resembles our contemporary world. The year is 2021; there are political problems, climate crises, and unemployment. One thing is different - the supernatural is natural. Magician as a profession is about as rare as being a surgeon. Humans are the norm, but there are other beings - shapeshifters, elves, psychics, spirits, trolls, demons.

Still, magic is not everyday. Magic takes energy and learning it takes time. Generally, spells are rare enough to make people dig up their camera phones. There has also been a movement away from occult crafts, to the sciences, as they are cheaper and easier to mass-produce. Many magicians have moved to remote places, outside of human society and its politics. The Trivial Pursuit has an occult category, of course.

The center of the story is Fern and her possession. She struggles with the mounting attacks until she realizes she will not survive without help. Supported by friends Fern starts a fearsome journey that will physically bring her to the witch, but mentally far longer.


Midday is both an adventure story and a love story. On her journey, the heroine finds quests, monsters, impossible challenges, and wrong answers, but the starting point is love. Behind the fantasy is a serious theme that is often neglected and belittled. Midday wants to raise questions and make talking about mental illnesses easier. Selecting a fantasy genre was easy and logical in the end - the adventure and the magic bring lightness and distance to the heavy subject. By creating a fairytale world, Midday makes our own reality easier to talk about.

"Despite the seriousness of the theme, audience should simply enjoy the film and have fun. Deep, serious stories are intriguing and may bring prizes, but filmmaker also enjoy making Spielberg-style adventures."


Sleeper Service Productions

Fýr Romu

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