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The Actors

Bibi Stevens is Fern, our main character. Bibi is a Czech / Australian who has just started her studies at DAMU. Bibi loves finding new places, meeting new people, moving, all kinds of art, performances and martial arts.

Veronika Bellova is Baba Yaga. Veronika is of Czech, Slovak and Russian heritage. She has graduated from the Prague Conservatory and acted both in theater and in many notable international films and series.

Jiří Valeš is the demoni. Jiří is a Czech actor, singer and lyricist from Prague. He has acted film and television, in projects like World on Fire, Freud, Das Boot 2, Ottilie von Faber-Castell ja Hannah 3.

Roman Kunčar is Bear. Roman is a Czech fitness professional and model, with roots in Albania. He helps people with physical and mental health and loves travelling, meeting new people, sports, science and of course fitness.

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Jiří Valeš 2 ed1.jpg

Fedorah Philippeaux is Isla. Fedorah is a singer, actress, poet and dancer born in the US to a Haitian family and raised in Belgium. Her dream is to one day grace the stages of London and New York in Musical Theatre Reprisals.

Alex Asikainen is North. Originally a filmmaker himself, Alex later graduated as an authorial actor from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. As an actor he is inspired by martial arts, dance and singing.


The Filmmakers

The crew of Midday is extremely international. There are people from about 10 countries - Finland, Czech, India, Italia, Portugal, Russia, Kyrgystan, Taiwan, Sweden, USA... and there are as many individual languages. The common working languate is English.

The crew is build both by students and experienced professionals.

Director Fýr Romu is Finnish, Prague-based filmmaker and film student. Fýr likes likes combining societal issues with sci-fi or fantasy environments in his films.

Cinematographer Faraz Alam is a Libyan-Indian who has worked on award-winning international films, webseries, commercials, fashion films and music videos.

Producer Adriana Hrušková comes from Slovakia and lives in Prague where she graduated in Marketing and Economics. She has also studied the theory and history of film and theater.

Costume Designer Claudia Cazzorla has a MA in Costume Design from Milano. In  Prague she began working for short films, commercials, photographers and video makers.

Make-up artist Stefano Sacchi is an Italian SFX makeup artist working in Prague. He started his career in the early 2000s, driven by his passion for makeup and special effects.

Sound Designer Valtteri Alanen is a sound and theatre artist from Finland, based in Prague. He expanded from theater to movies after studying performance in DAMU.

Composer Teemu Haapaniemi is a composer and media producer from Finland. He has made dozens of theatrical plays and released several own albums.

VFX-supervisor Jukka Kiiski is post effects artist from Finland. His handiwork has been seen in several Finnish feature films and TV-series.

Fight & intimacy director Juuso-Matias Maijanen is a Finnish movement director with background in physical acting and theatre pedagogy.

Photo of Fýr with a camera
Midday_Valtteri mustavalkoinen_ed1.jpg

Kuva: Keena Koskela


Behind the scenes photos


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Fýr Romu

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