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A fantasy horror short film. Demonic possession

as an allegory for depression and the psychotherapy

process. Heroes, spirits, witches and shape shifters.




This is the fundraising page for Midday. We hope to gather many private persons and companies to help to support a short film with a story about a struggle with mental issues - in an adventure and fantasy context.

Primarily Midday is an adventure-type story about a young woman's fight with a supernatural evemy, with action, horror and a bit of dark humor. We want to create an eventful, interesting and entertaining film.


But Midday is also advocating awareness about mental illnesses, expecially of depression. Hopefully we can help to change attitudes for more positive, maybe even making therapy a bit more attainable. Whichever motive is closest to you, please join to make the film possible. The main pages will tell you more about Midday's story and style.

The fundraising has a permit from Helsinki Police Dept, number RA/2021/1036.

Private supporters

The support of private persons, even small sums, is very important. It tells that the film interests people, that the story is worth telling. During a production there are always many pitfalls, and then the sympathy of an eager audience is even more important than monetary support.

The Finance page will show you how the money actually will be used. Because Midday is a student film, only the actors and a few essential professionals will get a real salary. Your support will feed the crew and charge the batteries :)

You can send your support either via bank transfer (European IBAN), Paypal or MobilePay systems. Please see details below. Big thanks for your support! Please follow our progress on Facebook and on the Midday website.


Bank transter: FI54 4327 0010 3513 83 (Someron SP)

Message: postal address (if you want the poster)


Message: address


Mobilepay: +358500825252

Message: address


Corporate support

By supporting Midday, a company can show its interested in film art, in aiding art education and its responsibility towards important societal issues. Depression is, despite its prevalence, still almost a taboo and reaching therapy can be incredibly difficult. Midday is one of the artistic procustions that hope to improve things.

Naturally, our primary goal is to make an excellent film, a great experience for the audience and something coveted for the international film festivals. This requires a high level in the artistic and technical quality - which always costs money. Because of this, Midday has a relatively large budget for an indie or a student film.

If your company finds supporting Midday interesting, or if you want first to discuss the details first, please contact assistant producer Lotta,  We can arrange logos for the credits and similar practicalities at the same time.

Welcome to support an international short film!




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