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The Film

Midday was shot in a period stretching from September 2021 to May 2022 in Prague. We used studio, exterior and interior locations, for example 18th Century hospitals and palaces and the handsome parks outside the city area. Editing and original music track are ready, final sound mix and finishing digital visual effects are in the way.


Magic is not free - the extensive post production takes half a year.
During the editing phase digital visual effects are added, changing the atmosphere of the footage significantly, the soundspale is deepened by foley effects and the music goes through many versions. The plan is ambitious, and we have petitioned financial support both from companies and individual persons by crowdfunding campaigns.


Midday will be published in early 2024. After the premiere the film is sent out to as many international film festivals as possible. For a short film like Midday, festivals are the primary way to audience and attention. After the main festivals, Midday will likely be available on the net.


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