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A silver-copper pendant featuring Finnish fir branch. The shape is hand-sawn; silver parts are welded together, the copper sheet epozy glued.

A historically themed Viking era drinking horn. Cleaned cow horn with enamelled silver rings and a cast silver tip decoration.

Silver wedding anniversary jewelry. The pendant divides in two at the seam and is engraved with special dates and symbols for the couple.

An explosive-welded copper-steel-copper-steel medallion with acid etched dragon motif.

A silver-plated copper Fenix bird pendant.

Film and theatre props

Explosive-welded blades

Sociecy of Creative Anachroninsm

Animatronic Dragon

Dragonbane project

Guns and handcuffs, sci-fi

Vapaus by Antero Sälpäkivi

Flame thrower, sci-fi

Ecoflame corporation


A working 75mm mortar. A scaled down model of a 14th century siege weapon (orig. 50-80cm in caliber).

Sword design with explosive-welded pommel and crossguard. Stainless steel and copper, steel blade.

Working scale model of a Roman ballista. This work included detailed historical research and documentation.

The DaVinci blade. Made with actual drawings from Leonardo daVinci from 1573. Steel, wood.

Greek Fire dispenser, a historical replica. Copper, wood, leather.
(unfinished, order cancelled)

A chinese reapeating crossbow. Fully working unit, wood, brass, bone. Read more on the detailed page.

Musical instruments

A kit violin, or pocket violin. Also called dancing master's kit, is a historical instrument used from the 15th to the 18th century.

A large Bodhran drum with a case. Ash, birch, leather, wood intarsia. Illustrations are intentionally modern.

A miniature Kantele, Finnish national instrument. 15cm in total length, toned to D2 as a full-sized kantele.

The first cast-iron kantele ever made. Read more on the detailed page.

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